It was hot this weekend.

Here I am, taking a break from riding a 1988 Springer Softail that a Robison Service client traded to me last week.

I've got a 1999 Electra Glide, also. It rides a lot better, and it's a much better bike for going places. But this bike is a lot cooler.


Holly Kennedy said…
John, when I saw these pictures I grinned as I imagined you setting up your tripod and then running to get on the bike, positioning yourself just so. Is that how you took them or did you have Martha snap them?

Either way, they really are great photos, and I must admit, as much as motorbikes scare me, that's a pretty slick looking bike. If it were parked on my front lawn, I'd probably sit on it just to see how it feels!!
Michelle O'Neil said…
Love the photos, but I am a registered nurse, and in the ER those are called donor cycles.

Be careful out there!

Your fans want to see you in one piece on the book tour!
John Robison said…
Michelle, there is an element of risk to anything we ride . . . off road bicycle, horse, motorbike.

I try and minimize my risks. I don't drink or do drugs. I don't ride in the middle of the night. I ride in the country, and I don't use my bikes for commuting.

You know, I use chain saws and nail guns too. Risk is a part of life, and you just try and manage it as best you can.

Hopefully I will continue to exist in my present form to complete the book tour.

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