Look Me in the Eye around the world

I've marvelled before about the way Look Me in the Eye is being published all over the English-speaking world. It's just amazing to me, the way the publishing community has embraced my book.

At this moment, my book is being published for North America, the British Isles, New Zealand, and Australia. And it's listed for sale in many other places.

It's become kind of a game for me, finding sites that have the book for sale - in France, China, Japan, and elsewhere.

Anyway, today I received a sample of the cover that readers in Australia and New Zealand will see, when my book goes on sale down under, on October first. It's very similar to the American cover, with a different treatment at the bottom and some type changes.

The story itself is the same. My book has not been modified for foreign markets. At least, not yet. I guess a misfit here is a misfit there. Different words are not needed, according to the editors. Time will tell - I hope they are right. I don't want to get hate mail for confusing the petrol and the gas, and the loo, and the boot, and there is no Vegemite in the book at all.

Stay tuned for overseas publicity, and exciting announcements here in the USA.


Therese said…
Ah...well, I know very little about Land Rovers (more now, thanks to your previous post), but here's something I have some experience with!

My UK edition has only the most minimal differences from the US, and all the changes were cleared by me first.

Is Crown selling your book into foreign markets, or do you have separate deals abroad?
John Robison said…
Crown is selling the book into foreign markets.
The Anti-Wife said…
This is very exciting for you. Keep adding countries!
Holly Kennedy said…
Hi there John --

Sounds like Look Me In The Eye is clipping along at a nice pace. Congrats as usual!

I hope things are good at your end otherwise, and that you're growing fonder of Martha's dragonfly :)

John Robison said…
Well, Holly, she likes the dragonfly but I like that book you sent better. Mom rooting in the dumpster . . . what an image.

Did you know Dumpster is a trademark of the Dempster Corporation and it should be capitalized?

That's my writing trade craft tip for today.

I am reading the book now, and I am trying to think of what book I could send you in return, that would be useful in the wild and distant country where you live.

I remembered a picture you posted of bears on the swing set - at least, I think that was you - and I thought you might benefit from a book on predator management.

But then I thought, you've lived there a long time. If you were gonna get eaten by a bear, you'd have been food by now.

And I am not superstitious, so I can't offer you a dragonfly book.

But I'll be meeting a lot of new people soon, and something will surely present itself. Whatever it is, I am aware that it has to make it through customs without getting either you or me arrested. I think I am up to the task, it just may take a while.
Holly Kennedy said…
Oh, John, there's no need to send me anything in return. Honestly. I wanted to send you that book. I was hoping you'd enjoy it as much I did. Let me know what you think when you're finished reading it.

Dumpster with a capital 'D'.
Thanks for the writing craft tip. I'll have to remember that one.

I'd better sign off for now. I have to go hoist some raw meat up into a tree in my backyard so the bears don't come knocking on my bedroom window in the middle of the night (my tip for you when traveling through the Rocky Mountains *smile*)
Kanani said…
wow wow wow wow wow....

this is very cool.

by the way, Don Delillo's book "Falling Man" was put aside last night to start in on yours (I think he can wait).

you coming out to LA?

Has anyone sent a copy to Barbara La Salle, who wrote "Finding Ben?"
John Robison said…
Kanani, I don't have a date to come to LA. I had considered going there to record my unabridged audio ook but I decided I'm just too busy. So I don't know when I'll get there, but when I do, I'll look you all up.

And I don't know about Barbara LaSalle. Did she write Christine?
Tyhitia Green said…
I am so excited for you and the fact that people will hear your story...

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