Land Rovers at work and play

I thought I'd change direction for a moment and show you one of the machines our company ( J E Robison Service )builds. We're known for customizing Land Rovers for folks who want to take them to serious rough country, and expeditions, and adventures.

We get work like this shipped to us from all over the eastern United States.

This is a Land Rover Defender 90 that we just built for a fellow in Virginia.

In this photo Jeff ( one of our Rover techs ) has just driven up a knee-high rock ledge and he's climbing the slope at a steep angle.

Here are Jeff and Dominick from our Land Rover shop crossing a small stream on the trail.

All the equipment on the front - the high lift jack, the winch, skid plates, and such were fabricated or fitted in our shop.

This truck started life as a 1995 Defender, and it's gotten a 300TDI motor, a new frame, custom skid plates and guards, custom bumpers front and rear, Safarigard stage III suspension, ARB lockers front and rear, crawler transfer box, bigger tires, a 2-inch lift, air conditioning, CB radio, onboard refrigerator, and much more.

In this photo you can see the incredible range of suspension motion in a modified Land Rover. Look at the front axle, which is twisted in a direction opposite the rear.

This truck's been prepared to run out west, in the rock and sand of the desert. Those two cans on the back will carry drinking water. We've moved the spare tire to the floor inside.

The custom bumper is clearly visible. It can take the weight of the truck should the vehicle drop onto a large rock.

The box below the bumper is the armor for the fuel tank.

Here's another front view. The snorkel for the diesel air intake is visible. This Defender has the 300TDI motor.

The cables from roof to front bar are to deflect limbs that might otherwise smack the windshield.


Polly Kahl said…
Now that looks like fun!
John Robison said…
It is fun, and it's a lot less dangerous than racing while still being challengine and exciting.
debra said…
the vehicle (it's too cool to call it a car) looks great. It's nice to see a vehicle like that being used as it was intended.
ssas said…
It is fun! My husband and I are 4-wheel fanatics (and it's a great family activity), but Rovers are too rich for our blood. We drive Jeeps. Our latest is a Rubicon with 35s, etc. The thing crawls most everything. Our favorite trail is called Carnage Canyon. Isn't that a great name for a book?
John Robison said…
Carnage Canyon would be a great name for a Jeep Club magazine article. Have you ever thought of writing one? My Land Rover magazine columns are fun; I do them every month.
Kanani said…
OK....I love all these car photos. I get what you do now.

Go look on The Writerly Pause.
Polly Kahl said…
Can we access your LRM columns online? How cool that you get paid to write about something you love.
John Robison said…
Polly, you can read some of my Land Rover magazine articles at > service department > land rover > advice > robison on rovers.

I will caution you that many are very technical and dry and they are probably not at all like the blog or my book writing.
ssas said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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