Look Me in the Eye is reviewed by Easy Writer

I'm very touched by Kanani Fong's thoughtful review of my book. I'm not sure what more to say . . . .  it's very nice.

(2018 update) The referenced blog entry is no longer online

And in other news . . . Amy Robach and a crew from Weekend Today were here for ten hours today shooting a segment that you'll all be able to see just as soon as they edit it, in a few weeks. And even better, they will have additional material on the Today website. I'll write more about that tomorrow, with photos, because I'm too tired tonight.


Anonymous said…
Very exciting! I can't wait to read your book, I faithfully read your blog. Today one of my products was featured in a national magazine and it was a huge thrill. So I can't imagine what it would be like to actually have a book come out. I think you're lucky that you have all this stuff that leads up to it that keeps you busy - otherwise, you might just pop on September 25. !!!!
Polly Kahl said…
That is beautiful, John. I'm so happy for you, and you deserve every word of it.
Anonymous said…
Great review. Congratulations.
I have pre-ordered the book and can't wait to read it.

The Anti-Wife said…
It's a wonderful review, John. I can't wait to read the book.
Kanani said…
Thanks for the kind words both here and on my blog, everyone.

Just so you know, I am asked to read many books and manuscripts and give feedback.

I say yes to some, no to most.
And of those I read, there are many I just can't say much about. Not that they're bad, it's just that in order for me to write as I've done for John, Patricia Wood, Chester Aaron, or Thomas Steinbeck --I have to feel moved or that I've just witnessed something spectacular.

So I don't. I give them a personal email thanking them for the opportunity. And if I really didn't like their book, I'd never waste my time or theirs tearing them to shreds.

Anyway, enough. I'm glad John is doing so well... this is an important book, in more ways that we can tell right now.

Pssst.... my store has just opened. Come visit.
Polly Kahl said…
Sounds like you're a class act, kanani.
John Robison said…
Polly, I agree.

Some reviewers just "skim" the books they review for the high points. They have to, because they have to read and review so many titles.

It's clear that Kanani read the book carefully and put a lot of thought into what she wrote. And she has a personal connection to the story, as a parent.

But you know something . . . I have not been interviewed by a fair number of people, and every single one seems to have a personal connection to Look Me in the Eye. A nephew with autism . . . a long dead uncle who they now think was Aspergian . . . a potential buyfriend that so geeky he must be Aspergian . . . the interviewer who had no friends in high school. . . every interviewer has a story and a connection.

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