The tour is about to begin!

As we race toward the launch of Look Me in the Eye, I’d like to invite all of you to come see me in person. I am traveling the country this fall, just to meet you. There may be other people at my book readings, but you on the blog are the ORIGINALS. The REAL THING.

So come out and see me. I know - a few of you are afraid of what you’ll find. But let me set your minds to rest. This is not like the Internet dating horror stories you’ve read. I look like the photos, and I sound like the audio book. For real. I am mostly personable and fairly friendly. Small children and herbivorous animals instinctively trust me. Fish, whom I eat, may not.

I have polished my appearance and practiced my sound endlessly, just so I don’t disappoint you. My clothes are clean, and so are my ears. I have trimmed my nose hairs and gotten fresh soles on my shoes. My shoulders will be sore, of course, from lugging that sack of books, but my uncle Bob has the mule and the wagon if I get tired.

With that in mind, I hope that all of you will crawl out from under your rocks – just as I have done – and come visit. Some of you will say, “Your nearest reading is too far away!” If you feel that way, see your local bookseller. Have them call Crown and ask for a reading. If enough people call, they’ll send me.

This weekend, September 15, I’ll be at the British Invasion in Stowe, Vermont. My group will have cars in the Mini, Jaguar, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, and Bentley classes, and I’ll be walking around. Come join us!

On September 25 we’re having a big party at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York City. I’ll be arriving to meet you a bit before the 7PM reading time. For the event itself, both my brother and I will tell stories from our books, and we’ll answer questions from the audience. The Union Square store is a big place, and we need a lot of friends to fill it up. Bring everyone you know!

We’ve got a bus traveling from Springfield to New York for the party, and everyone from Robison Service will be there. In addition, many of my home town friends – some of whom appear in the book – are coming. We’ve still got space on the bus if any of you want a ride. Call 413 785 1665.

The next day I’ll be appearing by myself at R J Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT. I’ve already heard from Kim Stagliano and a bunch of moms about this event, and it promises to be good. My brother isn’t coming to this reading, so you’ll have me all to yourselves. I will be signing books, children, pets, and whatever else crawls up to the table.

On Thursday the 27th I’ll be at Brookline Booksmith outside Boston. That event is co-sponsored by the Asperger Association of New England. Aspergians, moms, kids, and everyone else are welcome at this appearance. We may have a get-together after this event, depending upon responses.

So if you live within driving distance of these events, put them on your calendar!


Aprilynne Pike said…
Yea! I'm an ORIGINAL! I'M THE REAL THING! Whoo-hoo!!! *Grin*

And technically, everywhere not separated by a body of water is within driving distance if you have enough gas. *wiggles eyebrows*

Good Luck on your tour. May it it be totally smashing!! I'll be looking for your book out here in Utah.
kristen spina said…
John, I'm still hoping to see you in NY, assuming that I don't have any last minute childcare catastrophes.

Looking forward to it!
I'm awfully excited about this launch, John. I think your book is going to help my three little girls as people realize that they UNDERSTAND everything they see and hear. They are not quiet dolts. They are not loud dolts. It has been my pleasure to promote the bejiminies out of the signings. And I'm looking forward to meeting Augusten. See you in NYC and CT.


John Robison said…
Those of you who are coming to the New York reading should come early to get seats. The store holds 2,000, the floor holds 1,000 people, but there are only 300 seats. The rest stand.

I spoke to the events manager and he things the seats will all get snapped up an hour before the reading.
May I have a loge seat please? With table service? :)
John Robison said…
Kim, you can have one in the restaurant. I'll be there by six, myself. Stop by early and you'll be able to claim a seat in the reading area, too.

How many friends have you rounded up?
Alan Gage said…
" My clothes are clean, and so are my ears."

Can I still come see you even if mine aren't? I figure by the time I reach the east coast my thoughtfully organized apartment (van) will be in shambles and I probably won't have showered for a week.

Ahhh, the pleasures of the road...I can't wait to be back on it!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Polly Kahl said…
HI John, I am trying to organize my brother coming with me, easier said than done. Can't wait to hear you talk, and to see you and your brother doesn't get better than that. Yippeeee!
John Robison said…
Polly, if he can't come with you buy the audio book. Anyone who's far away should do that - I read the abridged version myself.
ssas said…
I already told my husband he has to come with me to Tattered Cover when you come. He just bought a motocross bike. He OWES me.

Good luck with all your appearances. (And I'll be checking out those new soles!)
Trish Ryan said…
I'll be at the Brookline event, with hubby and friends to cheer you on :)

The bus from Western MA to NYC is a great idea!
John, I'm so excited for you as you launch out across the country with this new layer of your life.

I'm waiting for a West Coast showing. Any chance you'll be doing bookstores or TV spots in LA?
Anonymous said…
John, I am planning to come to your book signing at Brookline Booksmith. I am excited to meet you and read your book. See you then!
StockWatcher said…
Thanks for all that you do

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