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We're the EW PICK in today's Entertainment Weekly:

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Growing up was a mystifying experience for Robison, a bright kid unable to grasp even the most basic social skills - a condition he later learned was a form of autism called Asperger's. Also: his father drank, his mother spent time in an institution, and his brother, who he named Varmint - was shipped off to live with a crackpot shrink.

Dysfunction seems to run in the family. So does talent: Varmint renamed himself Augusten Burroughs. It's a fantastic life story (highlights include building guitars for KISS) told with grace, humor, and a bracing lack of sentimentality.

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Drama Mama said…
You and your book were the BUZZ of the teacher's lunchroom today.

I, of course, encouraged everyone to buy it.

Can I just say that it makes me so happy to see teachers clamoring to read books about Asperger's and Autism?

You have done a great service for those of us in the community.
Holly Kennedy said…
Wonderful, John!
Congrats once again.
LMITE is building steam.
Maybe tell Martha to put that dragonfly back in her hair to give you even more of an edge :-)
Polly Kahl said…
Hey John. I opened my Entertainment Weekly as soon as it came yesterday, hoping to see your book, but I must have missed that page. I just opened it again and there it is! Yippeee!
Katie Alender said…
Congratulations, John! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Apparently I'd better move fast!
ssas said…
I want to wait to buy it from my local bookseller when you come to town--but that means I have to wait all the way until NOVEMBER.

I'm sure it will be worth it.
Anonymous said…
Hi John,
I came across your book by accident. Bored one night I went to the Amazon site to see what new books are coming out. Yours popped right out me (I Love the Cover) but then, when I read what it was about....I was and am excited to read it. I rasied my step-son with Asperger's (we call it being a member of the A Team). His mother couldn't handle his odd behavior and told his father either you take him or he is going in a Foster Home. He came to live with us and my 3 daughters (we could write a book about our experiences). Now he is 22 and going to College to become an Electrical Engineer. My husband is also a member of the A Team. I will be ordering 3 copies of your for the family, another for my oldest daughter who teaches elementry school and the other for my youngest daughter who is going to college to become a teacher. School was our biggest nightmare....Teachers NEED to be aware.
Jenny said…
I was so excited to see your book featured in People magazine and Entertainment Weekly. I'm looking forward to reading it. Best wishes with the release. And a huge Congratulations!

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