An evening on the Mexican Riviera

Tonight I'm at the Moon Palace Resort, in Quintana Roo, Mexico, outside of Cancun. I'm here thanks to the Credit Union folks who were good enough to bring me down to speak to their group in the morning. The gardens and grounds are quite striking:
Exotic flowers are everywhere:

I'm tired but it's quite pretty and I thought I'd share some other images . . . Here's a multi level garden on the side of a building

Here I am, hot and sweaty from walking:

They got me a room right on the water. It's enough to make anyone take up the book writing trade.

They have jet skis, boats, and these paraglider things

They've even got slots down here, with a warning not to bring guns inside. Luckily, I do not gamble.

I have retreated to my room but it looks like the place is hopping all night , , ,


*using my mom voice*

John Elder Robinson! How could you forget to pack me in your luggage??? You KNOW how my kids are driving me nuts this summer!

Really, I am happy that you are in such a lovely place. I'm sure you'll be an inspiring speaker. Best of luck to you.
Sigh.... Quintano Roo. Spring 1984. So it still hops all night, does it? Waaaahhhh!

So tell us how you addressed this group? Enjoy the trip. And the pretty blondes I see in the photos! ;)
Polly Kahl said…
You sure know how to live! I'm remembering the smells and feelings of Mexico beaches and envying you. Hope you got to enjoy it.
Samwick said…
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Kanani said…
Hi John, Ah, you look nice and windblown.

Hey, there's a missing 12 year old autistic boy in my area. It's all on my blog. I'm going out tonite and helping to look for him. See my blog
Bienvenidos a Mexico! I'm on the opposite coast near Acapulco, but I won't let that stop me. Enjoy your stay!
Unknown said…
Nice pictures there John. Looks like a great place. Hope you had fun.
Sandra Cormier said…
I sure hope you didn't see any poisonous snakes in the walkways!

It looks so beautiful. I wish I had a body of water to fall into right now.
John Robison said…
I was nice. Everyone was surprised that I only stayed a day, but I really had no idea what to expect.


I have a new story today, behind the scenes at the resort

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