Pictures and color for a Thursday night

Harbor in fog

A double rainbow, last month in the Berkshires

A mountain stream, rendered in strange colors

One of the dancers

Sky, reflected in the Bentley's hood


Sandra Cormier said…
Thanks for the lovely colours on such a grey day.
Holly Kennedy said…
Wonderful photos, as usual.

Oh, and I love the bus shot in your previous post w/Doreen. I'm looking forward to reading her book.
Love the pictures, particularly the rainbow...I love those types of pictures.
John Elder PLEASE come polish my car! Your Bentley has such an incredible finish. How can you stand driving it, knowing there's bugs and rain and litte road pebbles being kicked-up onto your hood from other cars? Oh yeah- and there's always some idiot in front of you spraying their windshield. ;-p
John Robison said…
Strange Behavior, that isn't my Bentley. It was a visitor in our servce department. It does have a nice shine, though.

I'll be at the Newport Car Show next weekend and I'll photograph other shiny cars

The Muse said…

I love the photo of the mountain stream. The gorgeous colors remind me of the palette in Impressionist paintings. Very cool.
Jessica said…
Dear Mr.Robison,
First of all, I love your book(so far, as I am only half way through it) and I find it both fascinating and very insightful. I am an Early Childhood Educator in Canada and have had a few children with Aspergers in my care. There are not many workshops or books that I have found to be very informative, that is, until I started reading your book. I realize that this is your personal experience but it has been very helpful to see inside the head of a person with Aspergers. This may sound daft but have you heard of any books out there to help parents and caregivers understand children and people with Aspergers better? If not, have you ever considered writing one either on your own or with some other "Aspergians"? It would be great to have more first hand books out there for us to utilize.
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,
Jessica Fediw
P.S-Your photos are amazing! I especially love the lady dancing with the colourful dress.
Jessica said…
Hello again,
Aha! I think I have found something, in a sidebar I think( I am very new at this so please forgive me, I just googled your name 20mins ago to see what I could find) I think I have written in the wrong spot and I am sorry about that, will work on getting a bit more technically savey(sp?). Thanks for understanding!
Kind regards,
Jessica Fediw
John Robison said…
Jessica, you can write comments on any post. If you click the title ( Look Me in the Eye ) at the top, you'll see the whole blog, with all the posts
John Robison said…
Jessica, you asked if I'd consider writing a book to help parents and teachers and caregivers understand Asperger's better . . . some people believe Look Me in the Eye does that, but in any case I am writing a sequel to address that very request. It's tentatively called Beyond Normal.
Jessica said…
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I am slowly figuring out this blogging thing. Your book is definately a book that helps people understand Aspergers better, I think I just meant a more teacher directed kind of book but I do so look forward to reading your next is helpful to have a book I can recommend to parents and other teachers and I can't say enough about how great your book is, honestly, it is one of the best memoirs I've ever read!(It is now on my fav. book list!) I also read your brother's book, Running with Scissors and it was good as well. That one was recommended to me first but then I heard about yours and I read it right away. (His blog on Canada was very humerous too!!) As I said earlier, I am looking forward to reading your forthcoming book, you are an amazing individual! Take care, kind regards,
Jessica Fediw
Daily said…
i LOVE the last one, the bentley. very crisp and clear. and, i've always wanted a bentley.

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