On The Road Again - the RAISING CUBBY tour

I've got a lot of travel ahead of me these next few months as I travel for the release of my new book - RAISING CUBBY.  It's the story of a dad (me) his kid (Cubby) and tractors, trains, a touch of Asperger's and a sack of explosives.

The book will reveal many secrets parents need to know, including:
- Where kids come from
- The truth about Santa
- Where he gets the coal
- How to drive a locomotive
- What to do with your kid on a Sunday afternoon 

It's truly parenting at its very best.

Here's what's happening the next few days:

Saturday and Sunday: Watch Cubby and me on the Sanjay Gupta Show on CNN, Saturday at 4:30 and Sunday morning at 7:30

Monday - Join me at Vromans of Pasadena, 7PM
Tuesday - Book Passage of Corte Madera, 7PM
Wednesday - Capitola Book Cafe, Capitola, 7:30PM
Thursday - Hennepin County Library, Minneapolis, 7PM

The following week sees me at Danville College in Danville, KY

April 1st will be celebrated with a program in the Campus Center Auditorium, University of MA, Amherst.

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day and I will ring the opening bell on the stock exchange.  Look for more details next week . . . .

Canada is coming in April, Australia is slated for August.

See you on the road


Unknown said…
You're going to be ringing the stock market opening bell on World Autism Awareness Day? Neato!!!

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