The Queen of the Road is on the road.

It’s time.

My friend Doreen Orion’s book about life in a bus is finally on sale. Now, you too can learn what life is like, inside a bus. To give you a taste, check out this photo of Doreen and me, in the engine compartment of her bus.

She is one of the only females I know who has her own bus. I know others exist – particularly in the circus and entertainment industries – but I don’t know them. I am even conceptually aware of retired females who own buses, but I don’t know any of them, either.

Some of you will say, What’s the difference? One female with a bus is the same as another. I don’t agree, and I’ll tell you why. Females with buses may be divided into three groups, as follows:

1) Females who support themselves by work outside the bus
2) Females who are supported by other means
3) Females who support themselves by work within the bus.

To the extent that bus-owning females exist, most are in groups (1) and (2). Doreen is that rare bird, a member of group (3).

She actually developed a paperwork and phone based psychiatry practice to facilitate her bus travels. Imagine that! I mean, some people attend a three-month juggling academy and join the circus to get bus experience. She went all the way – medical school, residency, the whole deal.

And it paid off. She has a fine bus, a far cry from the hammered VW Microbus you get from juggling tips. She doesn’t actually work for tips at all. Insurance companies pay her to evaluate patient records, which should give you pause for thought the next time YOUR insurance company denies coverage for some critical medical procedure.

It’s one thing to have your claim denied by some bald-headed guy with glasses in a cubicle deep within some huge building. It’s quite another to be turned down by some stylish shrink parked by a lovely brook in a national park.

You can order your copy of her book here:

And you can visit her website and blog here



Doreen Orion said…

Thanks so much! I can't tell you how tickled Tim was that an engine-maven-pro approved of his bus!

I hadn't realized that I truly am a rare breed of female, who makes her living IN a bus! Thanks for pointing that out. (Although learning to juggle would be pretty cool.)
Polly Kahl said…
Great picture of you and Doreen by the engine. Congrats Prevost Princess!
quin browne said…
i know a vet in mccomb, mississippi that travels and practices out of an rv.

in my world, an rv counts... same concept, different container.
Alison said…
I am a nurse who works with Doreen from one of those big insurance buildings. It's always an adventure whether she's in or out of the bus, and the pajama competitions are fierce! The funniest adventure was when she had the bus parked in the nudist camp, but you have to read her book to find out about that.

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