I'll be on You the Owner's Manual this Saturday at 2:30 live

Here's a link to get the show via webcast, and you can also get it live on Sirius and many local radio stations . . .


After that, I'll be at Seattle's Third Place Books at 6:30PM.

Monday night I'll be back East, in Dayton Ohio. After that, I've got a few days off and then I'm at the Asperger Association convention in Marlborough, MA.

Thanks to everyone for a great Friday night, at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon. We had almost a hundred people, which amazed me given the competition for people's attention. I can't thank you enough for coming to see me with the McCain-Obama debate dominating the airwaves.


Polly Kahl said…
Hi John, I'll bet there are LOTS of people who would rather see you than the debate. Plus, the debate can be taped, but how many times can someone see you live? Hope the Sirius show went well and you get to go home to your old poodle and your family soon.

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