News from the road, fresh from Hollywood

I’ve just spent a wonderful evening with the folks at Book Soup here in West Hollywood. I was also able to have dinner with blogger Kanani Fong and her Writerly Pause group . . . check her blog for the story on that.

Now I’m off to the airport, but before I go, I want to update you all on this week’s events. If I make it to a city near you I certainly hope you’ll come say hello.

Tonight * Monday, September 22, Boulder, Colorado
Join me for a night at the Boulder Bookstore, 1107 Pearl St. Boulder, CO (303) 447-2074 7:30PM

Tuesday morning I’ll be talking to the folks at google. You’ll be able to see this event on authors@google

Tuesday evening, September 23, Vail, Colorado
If you can't make Boulder, come to Vail! I'll be at Bookworm of Edwards, 295 Main Street- Unit C101 at 6PM. This is a $20 ticketed event - the ticket price includes a personalized copy of the book and of course whatever spectacle you and I create.

Wednesday, Sept 24, San Francisco area
Join me at Book Passage, Corte Madera store 7PM

Thursday, Sept 25, San Francisco
If you miss Book Passage, or if once is never enough, I'll also be at Books Inc. at 7:30PM. They're at 2275 Market St. @ Noe in San Francisco (415) 864-6777

Friday, Sept 26, Portland, Oregon
I'll be at Powells Books Burnside Store at 7:30 PM - Located at 1005 West Burnside Avenue (800) 878-7323

Saturday, Sept 27, Seattle, Washington
Join me at Third Place Books at 6:30

Monday, Sept 29, Dayton, Ohio
Look for me at Books & Company, 7PM, and meanwhile, check out with the Cleveland Plain Dealer had to say:

And then we come to a break. I fly home for a few days of rest, after which I’m off to the Asperger Association conference with my brother.

Stay tuned . . .


Kanani said…
Hi John, That was indeed a fun dinner. I went home last night and remembered my son had taken the train up to Hollywood. So I ended up picking him and his friend up as well.

I'll have SOMETHING up my own blog as well as The Writerly Pause this week about your talk. I'm going to be working on a story for my fashion blog The Literary Fashionista first (and because I've been sitting on the stuff for over a week).

Safe travels, my friend. Your talks are worth every mile people go to get there.
Henrik_Sundholm said…
Naaw. It's really cute that you actually put "Woof!" into your blogposts ;-)
Catching up here, John! Congrats on the paperback version of your book and have fun on your tour. You've got great weather for your two Colorado visits this week. Wish I could attend, but I'll certainly be thinking about you. Enjoy!! Karen
The Anti-Wife said…
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at Third Place Books!
jess said…
hell i'm tired just reading your schedule .. safe travels, my friend. looking forward to seeing you in boston!
Polly Kahl said…
You're doing some great work, John, and how wonderful to get to meet some of your blogging friends on the road.
John Robison said…
Thanks to all of you for your support . . . it keeps me going. Anti-Wife . . . you'll be an honored guest. You're one of the original members of my blog family.

And Jess, you have plenty to tire you out in the stock market, hopefully it will have calmed down by next week when I get to Boston.

Karen, I missed you tonight but we had a great group at the Boulder Bookstore.

And Kanani actually has PICTURES. She will no doubt share them soon . . . .

I had dinner with Doreen Orion and her mate tonight, and she has pictures too . . . .
Polly Kahl said…
That's hilarious Kanani, great job. I've met John a couple of times and I could talk writing with him forever. Now I've got to go look for that dirty tee shirt.

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