A Gift and an Opportunity for Christmas

Have you ever looked at the men and women who ring bells, accept donations, and hand out little gifts outside our malls and thought: I wish I could do that!  Help the needy and raise some cash for a drink or even a gift?  

Well, now you can. All you need is a can for the money, and a sack of Perfect Gifts for the Needy. Coal is widely recognized as the stocking stuffer par excellence, and of course it's good for blacksmithing, home heating, and even power generation. In its natural form, it's a smooth and beautiful black, waterproof and durable. A gift for the ages. Think of each stone as a diamond that didn't quite make it.

My friends at Penn Keystone have all you need. They can sell you fifty pounds, bagged, for less than thirty cents a pound. Compare that to the prices at Toys R Us, or Macys! Fifty pounds of anything from those stores will cost far more than fifteen measly dollars!

Give them a try; you won't be disappointed. Remember - Real Santas use Real Coal. American Coal.  Accept no substitutes.



Anonymous said…
thanks for that humorous commercial for Coal as the perfect x-mas gift.
Sunfell said…
I knew I was truly an adult when a friend gave me a 100 lb. sack of coal and a bundle of fatwood switches for Christmas- and I loved it. This was when I was stationed in the UK, and had a cottage with a coal-burning fireplace. Kept me cozy warm all winter.

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