The Chinese years and me

Readers of my blog send all manner of interesting things my way. Recently I learned that 2007 is the year of the Fire Pig. What does that mean for me? Here is what one site says . . .

In 2007 your energy levels rise. Roosters spend less time at work, yet remain very productive. If you have been considering a change of career or company, this year will be favorable to make the move. Remember to balance your words and frank observations with diplomacy and tact to avoid hurt feelings. Changes will take place in your life during 2007 that will set the stage for future progress. Free yourself of anything that slows your progress or hinders your joy. "Remember to forget" - your happiness is before you, not behind you. A favorable year for reunions, family matters, surprise gatherings and even some intercontinental travel.

It does fit. I am spending less time at work because I'm spending time on my book, and that's productive. And the success of the book may certainly portend a change of career. Or maybe it's already changed, and I just don't know it.

Balancing my words . . . . I am always careful of that, and issues like the vaccine/autism controversy make me more sensitive to that than before.

Changes setting the stage for future progress . . . is this more books, or does it just mean I will vanquish the tree roots in the ditch digging efforts in my garden?

I do wonder about stuff like this. Those Chinese have been around a long time. A lot longer than us Americans.


JenKneeBee said…
i'm not sure that i seriously buy into horoscopes and all that, but hearing my "fortune" anyway. also, on a completely different note, your book sounds really interesting, i'll have to keep an eye out for it.
I am expecting a "Fire Pig" baby in September. I am married to a Chinese immigrant so I am very familiar with the "Fire Pig" (or Fire Boar, as you prefer) mythology in the Chinese zodiac. Supposedly, having a baby in 2007 is the luckiest year in which to have a baby in over 60 years---to the point that there is a baby boom going on in China right now in a rush to have Fire Pig babies.

I think having a baby is a lucky thing no matter when it happens, but I digress. . .
Trish Ryan said…
I decided I wasn't into this particular brand of astrology when I was a little girl and saw the animals it offered. If it had the year of the pony, the year of the kuala bear, or the year of the dolphin, I might have been more of a fan.
ORION said…
I love the Chinese horoscope but I am jealous that my husband is a horse - I wanted to be a horse.
Instead I am a snake.
The Anti-Wife said…
I'm a rat. How de-motivating is that?
I would like to know what this means:

Roosters spend less time at work, yet remain very productive.

The only work I saw my rooster do was fertilize my hens.
Laura said…
I'm the year of the Ox. I was told that being born at night was good for an ox, in that it meant you didn't have to work hard to succeed, since oxen aren't working at night, but sleeping. I definitely can do the not working hard. The success part has been more elusive. Guess that the American version of work hard = success might work in this case. Hmm.
Tena said…
I wish I were a dog but I'm a goat. I prefer Western astology to Chinese because of its complexity. No two birth charts are identical.

Tena said…
Just clicked on your link to Chinese astrology and found out that I'm a WATER goat. (Sub-specialty.) This pleases me since I am very much a Pisces.
Therese said…
I'm half skeptic, half believer.

And apparently, I'm an Artistic Goat, specifically a Fire Goat. 2007 is supposed to be a "very good" year for me. So far, so good!

Two stained glass dragonflies hang on a window in my sunroom, where I write--but I didn't buy them for luck, I bought them because they're pretty.

Dual purpose.

I'm a practical woman.

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