Today, at the BEA

Here are the Crown and Random House Audio booths. Random House has a large ares right in the middle of the show floor. The different RH publishers are arrayed on the sides.

This is Amy Metsch, Edirorial director of Random House Audio. She's the one who acquired my book for audio production.
Look down two posts to meet Orli, who's producing Lookk Me in the Eye on audio.
Here I am signing books in the book this afternoon. I signed box after box of books. The turnout was amazing. It seemed like everyone who came up had something to say, and was looking forward to reading the book.
I was thrilled at the reaction.

Here's Pat Wood's book, Lottery. It's being modeled by three Putnam sales folks. I recommend this book - if you have not preordered it yet, do so now!

Meet my brother's publicist, Tanya Farrell. This is another book you should order - Possible Side Effects. It's available online and in bookstores now.
Tanya and Christine Aronson (my publicist) are setting up joint readings for this fall. We've got one festival lined up now, for November 2. We'll announce a schedule soon.


Adrienne said…
Looks like you had a lovely time, and I am really sad I didn't get to meet you (I kept running into people who had, and would tell me you had just left or whatever)! But thanks for the picture of Pat's book! Again had no time at all to wander, and at least this way I can see a bit of the set up. If I ever go again, I will definitely manage my time better!

All the best!
I wanted to get to your signing too, and I just kept getting distracted. We'll be veterans next year, and we'll make better plans!

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