Scenes from a Father's Day weekend

What did you do this Father's Day weekend?

Where did you go?

Here are a few things I saw . . . .

An old Ford street rod at the Newport Auto Show

Here's a stone wall and a meadow in the Berkshires

Here's a Corvette, a winner at Newport

As families everywhere get ready to celebrate, it's just another day for this Canadian Pacific train crew, pulling sixty-some cars up the Berkshire grade.

Dromedaries, with little desire to celebrate a foolish human holiday, watch quietly.

And the fishing boats ride at anchor for the weekend


Chumplet said…
We shopped for fish! My husband received a fishtank three years ago for his birthday, and never got around to buying fish.

So the kids forced him to come to a decision by presenting him with a gift certificate from Al's Fish Emporium. I think the teenagers are more excited than their dad.

No, the lawn did not get cut.
We helped our daughter move back home from college and then celebrated her 20th birthday. My husband then realized the beauty of celebrating Father's Day on her birthday as she's the one who made him a father. After a rest, we grilled a Montreal-seasoned tri-tip, sweet potatoes, white corn, and yellow squash.
The Anti-Wife said…
I cleaned and blogged. Father's day holds no fond memories for me.
kario said…
That 'Vette is my dream car! I get warm inside just looking at it.
Drama Mama said…
Your life is so unbelievably colorful.

We scrubbed the house, and my daughter made her First Holy Communion. We had a big-assed reception at the house, with Mexican food and margaritas.

It took 13 hours to clean the house. At the party, it took 13 minutes for the kids to trash the joint and crush potato chips into the rugs.

Good times.
The Anti-Wife said…
Love your pictures. My house is painted and it looks beautiful. Pictures on my blog! Thanks for voting!
Drama Mama, my kid has six friends over here tonight. Six little aminals, flopped on my sofa, eating my food, filling the sink with dishes, clogging my toilets, and raiding the closets.

The devastation you describe is not limited to your home. It's here, too.

And Anti Wife, I am glad you like my photos. I'd like to do a photo book one day.
Manic Mom said…
Hey! Were you just at Animal Kingdom too? Some of those pictures look strangely familiar.

Ha ha.
"Six little aminals, flopped on my sofa, eating my food, filling the sink with dishes, clogging my toilets, and raiding the closets."

We have two boys. This sounds like heaven.

Water ballon fights, racing on the lawn tractors, driving mommy's truck all over the yard, playing in the stream, catching fireflies, bonfires in the fire pit on summer nights, riding their bikes into town for ice cream. Ain't boys the greatest?
Matty said…
Cool Pics John! You will HAVE to do a pictorial at some point after Look Me In The Eye publishes.

I've thought about what you said the other day and I'm in. I have some ideas already about a fitness book. I will begin writing soon.

Send any readers my way that may have fitness questions. I will begin answering them either on the blog or directly to their e-mail. This will also help me to understand what people are looking for in changing their health, fitness and shape.

I've been thinking about this for awhile now. You are a good motivator (thought that was supposed to be my job!)and your vision allows you to simplfy things to small bite size issues. Thanks Buddy! ;-)
Kanani said…
LOVELY photos, John!
(And I also like the one of you & Pat in NYC).
Rodrigo said…
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