Words weren't enough. Pictures!

Here's a link to a collection of my photos of carnivals and musicians and other things.

Images of the Circus

The Three County Fair

The Big E

This particular photo is a friend's kid in the ball room at the Eastern States Exposition, 2001

John Elder Robison is an autistic adult and advocate for people with neurological differences.  He's the author of Look Me in the Eye, Be Different, Raising Cubby, and Switched On. He serves on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee of the US Dept of Health and Human Services and many other autism-related boards. He's co-founder of the TCS Auto Program (A school for teens with developmental challenges) and he’s the Neurodiversity Scholar in Residence at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia and a visiting professor of practice at Bay Path University in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  

The opinions expressed here are his own.  There is no warranty expressed or implied.  While reading this essay will give you food for thought, actually printing and eating it may make you sick. 


irene said…
I mostly looked through the family pics. You are so talented! What a beautiful family, you've captured so much joy and love.
Trish Ryan said…
This is great stuff!
TR said…
Really pleased you have put your photography gallery on your blog. It shows your unique perspective of “Look Me In The Eye” of my camera. I hope it also encourages a dialogue about the use of photography, not just as a means of recording, but as a means of self-expression and personal control for folks who might be challenged by social and emotional interactions.
Kim Stagliano said…
TR, my middle child, who has autism (kinda like my oldest and my youngest) adores the camera and loves to take photos. Thanks for helping me realize I can encourage her social skills with it!

John - the state facility photos, rather your captions stopped me dead in my tracks. Especially the basement. The ones who lived underground. Bone chilling.
Well, Kim, it looked bone chilling when it was operating, too. The only difference was, electric light.
Holly Kennedy said…
These photos are wonderful, John.
Whoever took them (you?) has the ability to capture with the camera what the eye often misses.
Very touching.
And I agree with Kim re: the state facility phots. I held back a shiver when I looked at them.
Whoever took them?

I took them.

Polly said…
Famous phrases over the decades:
1988: Where's The Beef?
1998: Just do it!
2008: Woof.
kristen said…
So many talents...
The writing, the photos. John, these are wonderful.
Loved your carnival photos. (Didn't see a sword swallower, though.) The lights, colors, and excitement of a carnival are a perfect setting for anyone with an eye for the unusual.
Kim Stagliano said…
Carolyn - thanks for the laugh! YOU have that great picture. I love carnivals. Quintessential Americana to me.
The Anti-Wife said…
Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them!
ORION said…
I adore photos on blogs. Way to go John!
BTW see ya in New York!!!

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