Lunch at Crown

This first shot shows what it's like in downtown Manhattan, 24 hours a day. Constant action.

Here is Christopher Schelling - my literary agent - and me in front of the wall of books in the Random House lobby.

As a child, I read the old Random House books - I can still remember the chill I felt reading The Willows in Bennet Cerf's Ghost Stories. I never dreamed I'd be a Random House author myself one day.

This Rachel Klayman, one of Crown's top editors and the person who did the most (besides me) to make my book what it is today.

I had invited the editorial team to lunch, but they actually took me to lunch, in one of the Random House corporate dining rooms.
There are whole floors in that building devoted to food. Remarkable. It's like a fine restaurant, menus, waiters, and even fresh ice tea.

Here we all are lined up. Steve Ross, Crown's publisher, is holding my book. I gave everyone Free Range Aspergian caps. I had been reserving those caps for the first folks who pre-ordered signed copies of my book, but I made an exception for them.

Now, this is just beyond words. They baked a cake with the cover of my book on the frosting.
And we ate it.


Wendy Roberts said…
Great picturs. Loved the hats but I need to see a close up :) Oh and the cake looks yummy!
jan said…
what a wonderful whirlwind. you must be on cloud nine. happy signing!
Amonly said…
Hey John,
Seems like wonderful adventures and opportunities for you- It is so amazing to witness the momentum that has built up and then be carried along 'vicariously'. The momentum here in Amherst is quite different, yet lots of news on the home front. You can read about my son's photo of me in an upcoming gallery show in NY this July- and I will post about UMASS developments-
Kim Stagliano said…
Fabulous! John, what great photos. And I think this gets your trainer off MY back - let him take on Random House for that cake! And see, ladies, isn't John tall and handsome?? Back off, though, he has a wonderful wife, though you'll have to read his book to find out what he calls her.
kristen said…
I only stumbled onto your blog in the last couple of weeks and I've loved reading and watching the book unfold. This post today warmed my heart. The cake is what did it. Truly. The cake is an over-the-top gesture of kindness. And we all need more of that in life—but in our work, especially.

I'm off to order the book...
Trish Ryan said…
Ohmigosh - I misted up, reading this post and seeing your great pictures. What a dream come true!!! Thanks so much for chronicling this for the rest of us to see. It's so cool when life works out this way :)

And how did I not know about the hat???
Cindy said…
What, a wife? John, you talk about your son only and so I thought you were a single dad!?
mcewen said…
Yup, that takes the cake [one of my personal soft spots]
Michelle O'Neil said…
So great John!


LOVE the cake.
Chumplet said…
I'm so glad you're having a fabulous time in New Yawk. The cake is beautiful. It must be so nice to have the Random House people take such good care of you.

Have a great signing!
Matty said…
Do NOT...I REPEAT...DO NOT EAT THE CAKE! Oh hell, it's probably too late now. Kim, you are STILL on the watch list! ;-)

Yeah, and about those caps. I had BEST get one on Thursday. Great stuff John it is quite a treat seeing this through your eyes. I can only imagine the crazy aspergian stories that will unfold from all these expiriences.
Wendy, you can get your own hat soon - we will have the site set up to order signed 1st printings quite soon.

Kristin, I agree, the cake was over the top, an unforgettable gesture.

Trish, you probably don't know about the hats because this is the first time photos have appeared in public. We have shirts, too. In three sizes.

Cindy, I do have a good wife, referred to as Unit Two in the book. You will have to read the story to find out why.

Chumplet, it is nice to be taken care of, and to feel popular.

And Matty, I did not eat much of the cake at all. There were eight of them and only one of me.
Polly said…
That cake is amazing, what an honor! Savor every moment of these wonderful experiences.

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