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Those of you who’ve read advance copies of Look Me in the Eye have met my friend, TR Rosenberg. TR is the therapist who introduced me to Asperger’s ten years ago, and started me on the journey that led to where I am today, speaking (this morning, via Internet) with all of you.

In response to my insistent jabbing, and fortified by the limoncellos we drank last night, he has joined the blog community. However, he’s never done anything like this before, and he’s a little anxious. If you have a moment, visit his blog at http://healingbear.blogspot.com/.

Encourage him, if you want. He’s basically nice.

He’s remarkably insightful, and has a great gift for working with teenagers and young adults.


irene said…
Thanks for ad! His blog will be refreshing.
Holly Kennedy said…
Very interesting, and always nice to have another good soul join the blogging community. I'll pop by and say hello later today :)
Thanks for introducing the Healing Bear blog. In two months I'll be sending my son to college a half continent away, so TR's blog will be very timely for me.
Thanks for the visit to my blog. Great post. I'm sure I'll be back. Congrats on the book, can't wait to buy it and review it!

Tena said…
Hi John,

Thanks for TR. Cool guy. He's on my favorites list to read.
TR said…
Thanks John. I feel welcomed. Getting the photo into the blog was the hard part.
Trish Ryan said…
"He's basically nice." That's such a funny recommendation that I'm headed over to his blog now :)
Kanani said…
He's lovely.
Very much so. You're lucky to have such a good friend.

Now, I'm supposed to be on hiatus from my blog so that I can be visiting.

But really, I'm editing scenes 24 - 30 of my MS with a fine tooth comb.

Anyway, back to the Porsche story on my blog.
This is what happened to the car.

But first.... Ulla arrived from Germany, waited in NYC city for the car, and DROVE it across Canada to Alaska on the Al-Can. Rocks, trucks... you can imagine the drive.
But she got there.
And then, one day,
there was a flood in Alaska. Fortunately Ulla parked it on higher ground, still, the engine got soaked.

Big problem because it was her only means for her and her gentleman friend to get down to Stanford. So they took it to a German mechanic in Anchorage.

And he thought he could get it running. He did.
When she asked him how much he wanted, he simply turned to her, and said, "Nothing. It's free."
It was an incredible act of kindness. The man had good karma.

They drove it down to Stanford, where Ulla no doubt wowed the citizenry of the then semi-rural environs of Palo Alto.

And then one day, someone ran into it. Hard. And that was the end of the Porsche.

Now, she drives a gold Legend.
mcewen said…
that is more than recommendation enough.
Chumplet said…
I paid him a visit. Thanks for the introduction, John!
Drama Mama said…
Excellent. Running over there now.

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