More of those dragonflies

Holly and Pat have this thing about dragonflies. They believe having them around brings them luck. I'm always dubious of claims like that because there is no logical basis for them, and there's no way to prove a vague concept like "additional luck."

They both have ideas. . . . they'd be dead, or enslaved in a harem in Yukistan, or plagued with disease and black flies. If it weren't for the dragonflies, they say, something terrible would already have happened.

I just don't know.
Knowing I am a skeptic, but wanting to work a dragonfly into my house anyway, they gave one to my mate. Those of you who have read my book know her as Martha, or Unit 2. Those of you who have not read my book should go to your favorite online retailer and order it, and in doing so, you will become a personal manifestation of the luck Pat and Holly allege the dragonfly will bring me.

I know a few of you readers may have doubts about the value of dragonflies. Recognizing that, you should be relieved to see that I also maintain access to a tame fortune teller - an authentic gypsy princess - and she alerts me in time to avoid the worst hazards.

There is a demon in the purple globe, also, if needed.


Jan said…
i believe you might have gone over the edge - logic and reason have given way to superstition - I am concerned about the peer presure you may be experiencing!

Seriously, sounds like you had a wonderful mind opening experience in the big apple.
Kim Stag likes dragonflies now too said…
Martha looks beautiful with her Dragonfly in her hair! Another great photo, John.
Holly Kennedy said…
Access to your own fortune teller, an authentic gypsy princess?!
I'm completely bummed. How I'd LOVE to have her read my tea leaves/palms/tarot cards, etc.

Martha, you look terrific with that dragonfly in your hair, and now that Pat and I have managed to sneak one into your home *whew* we will rest easy that we've done our part to help John hit even more bestseller lists than he's already destined to hit

*smile* Try talking him into taking you to Maui in late August, okay?! Just for 8 days.
It'd be so much fun.
debra said…
I think that dragonflies signify transition in some cultures. Interesting--I carve porcelain tiles and I ALWAYS put a dragonfly in my pieces.
ORION said…
Hey john you NEVER asked me! I read Tarot cards!
I know all and see all...
TR said…
Beautiful photo of Martha! As far as dragonflies go, anything that eats mosquitos is good luck for me. I've heard some people say that dragonflies represent good times after hard times, and that if they are around it is a good sign. That could also apply to meatloaf.
Tena said…
Sorry to say that my German shepherd, Jackson, eats dragonflies. Also cicadas, live. This disgusting habit will disappear when the cicadas are gone.

I fell in love with dragonflies when I lived in Japan. Oh, to watch them flit around the lotus pads and blossoms again. My mother gave me a dragonfly pin a few years before she died and it's one of my most cherished pieces of jewelry. Now I find dragonflies are lucky, too?
Well, Carolyn, I do not KNOW dragonflies to bring good luck. But Pat, Holly, and Kim believe it.

But then you've got Tena, who cultivates a dog that EATS them.

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