The Blog is/WAS broken!

Those of you who visit my blog regularly know that community and traffic has been building at a slow and steady pace since I started posting a few months back. All that changed with the "What's wrong with our kids" essay and the one that followed.

Traffic jumped more than tenfold overnight, from a few hundred page views per day to three thousand.

And what, you may ask, was the result??

Google "locked" the blog, as a possible SPAM BLOG. From Thursday till yesterday, I was locked out of posting, though some comments still got through. Yesterday, the "Madness" post that I'd written went up, but Google had blocked comments on that.

I had been wondering why no one had commented, and I finally figured it out. So now, it should all be fixed. Everyone is once again free to comment away.

Now, I just have to get the Google Analytics to work. For those of you who have not tried that - it's a really cool accessory that gives you a world map showing where blog visitors come from and more. Mine quit working when the blog was unlocked.


Cindy said…
Good - I actually wanted to respond yesterday but couldn't - and wondered why your "ears weren't wiggling"! Congrats on all your traffic - wish I had all that on mine!!
Kim Stagliano said…
I got locked as a spam blog too! Take it as a great compliment, John. Traffic means book buyers! I gather Google decided you aren't a Spambot either? Save that email they sent you in case you need it again. :) K
How do you get access to that Google Analytics gizmo? Is it available in the new Blogger for free? If so, I guess I haven't stumbled across it yet.
Trish Ryan said…
Welcome back! It's no fun to admit that your family tree is full of all manner of fruits & nuts and not be able to hear your fans say, "Hey - mine too!"

Jill, the Analytics is something on the Google menu when you sign up for a free account.
Chumplet said…
Thank goodness. I thought you were mad at us! The last peep I heard from you was to post on my blog, and I dutifully did so, and then got no comments. *sob* But I'm over it now.

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