The bound galleys of Look Me in the Eye have arrived

The Fedex truck just arrived with the bound galleys of my new book! We've come so far since that winter day, when I drove to New York and met my editor and publishing team for the first time.

It's hard to believe that Crown will be giving these out to the world at the BEA show next week.

The press is already starting to pick it up. Kirkus Reviews chose Look Me in the Eye as one of the big books coming out this fall. It's featured in their May 15 BEA special issue.


mcewen said…
Whoop de do! And I wiggle my ears right back at you.
Congratulations, reality is calling
Rock on.

Boy, what I'd give to be in your shoes right now. . .

Kim Stagliano said…
Congratulations, John! I'm wiggling everything! Very cool.

Polly said…
You deserve it for all your hard work and for your good heart, John. Are you going to be signing at the conference, and do you know where Crown will be located? I tried to find them on the site search and had no luck.
amysue said…
Way to go John-have a great time when you start your book tour and the related hoopla. I may be out in Cummington on Sat or Sun and will call if that's the case.
Holly Kennedy said…
The book looks wonderful, John.
I hope everyone at the BEA drools over it. What a wonderful build you're having with it!

I can't wait to read it.

Polly said…
HI John, congrats on your galleys coming! I was thinking how I would celebrate if mine ever come, and Annie Leibowotz's portrait of Whoopi Goldberg in a bathtub full of white milk popped into my mind. How about a picture of you covered with galleys? Or you in a tub full of galleys with just your bare shoulders and head sticking up, holding up a glass of champagne? Could be a fun way to commemorate this occasion, and you'd have a silly souvenier of the momentous day. (On the other hand, maybe I'm just wacky!)
Thank you all for your supportive and enthusiastic comments. It is an exciting time.

Polly, if you are looking for Crown on the BEA web site map, look for Random House. Random has a whole huge area which is subdivided up by division. Here's the listing from the BEA guide in Publisher's Weekly, 4/30/2007 issue

Crown Publishing Group

Featured: Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s by John Elder Robison; The 12-Second Sequence by Jorge Cruise; Be the Pack Leader by Cesar Milan; Martha Stewart Living Cookbook by Martha Stewart Living Magazine; Rachael Ray: Just in Time by Rachael Ray. Giveaways: galleys: Switching Time by Richard Baer, M.D.; Witches Trinity by Erika Mailman; Last Night I Dreamed of Peace by Dang Thuy Tram; Mad Dash by Patricia Gaffney. Booth: 4328.

I have gotten several queries about signing galley copies at BEA . . . I will be attending Crown's BEA kickoff dinner Thursday night. On Friday, I will be at BEA and I'll be glad to sign galley copies for any of you. Email me or post a note here so I can set times to be at the Crown booth.
Jill, with any luck, you will be in my shoes someday. You just have to overcome that platform issue.

I know it probably doesn't make you feel any better today, but the seventeen years difference in age between you and me gives plenty of time foro you to to develop a platform, get published, and do a whole lot more besides.

So don't give up.
Chumplet said…
Yipeee! Was it a big box full of galleys or just a few? Did you smell them? Don't forget to take one to dinner.
Chumplet, I will answer your questions and comments one at a time:

A - They did not arrive in a box at all. They came in a mustard colored paper envelope with a plastic bubble wrap inner liner for strength. Random House must have an inexhaustible supply of these mailers, because everything they have sent me has been similarly packaged.

I so admire the packaging that I save it, so that I can send my own material back to them in packages that their mail handlers will find comforting and familiar.

B - I received eight books.

C - I did not smell them until just now, in response to your query. To me, they are odorless. Despite that, I am sure a good hound dog could make something of them.

D - I have already eaten dinner, and so I was not able to bring them. It is eleven at night in my part of the world.

I will make a point of admiring the books, just for you, at my next meal.
Drama Mama said…
Mazel Tov!

Who is going to play you in the movie?

I vote Tom Robbins or Jeff Goldblum.

Maybe Philip Seymour Hoffman could make a cameo. (sigh)
David L. McAfee said…
Wow. That is so cool, John.

I wish I could get the to BEA. :( I'll have to wait for my copy from Amazon.
Trish Ryan said…
That is SO exciting...congratulations! I wish I was going to be at BEA. If you'd like glowing words of affirmation and support from a fellow memoirist in the Boston area, let me know :)

Otherwise, I'll wait patiently for your launch date like everyone else!
Adrienne said…
So exciting and so awesome! And man they look really good, I still love your cover SO much!

Now you must choose one and give it a name. Okay yes I grew up watching way too much disney, still my lovely ARC Ted has become a true part of my life now!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, John!

Wow, you make it so vivid, the look, the smell!

I am full of admiration--and also wishing I were in your shoes. (And trying to do a final proofing before I send my full ms. next week to a couple of interested publishers :-)

Susan from AW
appletini said…
I am going to buy a copy :)
Kanani said…
Phew... okay, it's working again.

I'm so very proud of you, John.
Say hi to Matty.
Go to Panera and celebrate.
Holly Kennedy said…
That cover just makes me green with envy. It's... perfect, John.

Congrats on the ever-increasing buzz. I hope LMITE knocks 'em dead at the BEA :)
Anonymous said…
I hope you come to New England for a book signing!
Anonymous said…
so exciting! i have visualized that very moment in my own 'secret' way. was it everything i thought it would be?

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