Look Me in the Eye as an audio book

We've decided that I will read the audio book version of Look Me in the Eye.

My Executive Producer is Orli Moscowitz, one of the top people at Random House Audio. She's done Harry Potter and many other huge titles. I'll be recording the book next month. Since I'm reading it myself, you can listen carefully for special treats that only I can insert!

Next week, when I am back home, I'm going to record a reading sample that you can download. I'll post it on www.johnrobison.com


I narrated the abridged edition, and there is also an unabridged library edition I did not narrate.

The abridged edition I narrate is here

The unabridged edition of Look Me in the Eye was read by Mark Deakins.  You can download it here

John Elder Robison is an autistic adult and advocate for people with neurological differences.  He's the author of Look Me in the Eye, Be Different, Raising Cubby, and Switched On. He serves on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee of the US Dept of Health and Human Services and many other autism-related boards. He's co-founder of the TCS Auto Program (A school for teens with developmental challenges) and he’s the Neurodiversity Scholar in Residence at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia and a visiting professor of practice at Bay Path University in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  

The opinions expressed here are his own.  There is no warranty expressed or implied.  While reading this essay will give you food for thought, actually printing and eating it may make you sick. 


Drama Mama said…
That is incredible! Can't wait for it! Mazel Tov!
Now hear this. said…
Hooray! Autism Moms of the world, unite! I can't imagine hearing your book in any other voice, John. It's your story, your words = and you have a fine baritone for reading. To hell with the Lexus driving beach goer's, yes?

Jan said…
congratulations - love keeping up with all your news - it's bound to be a hectic time.
mcewen said…
Audio book! Now there's an option that sort of fizzled out of my life a while ago. Maybe I should try again.
Good for you.
Trish Ryan said…
How fun!
Bring tea with honey for if your throat gets dry :)
Holly Kennedy said…
This is good news, John.
As Kim said, your story, your voice.

Two big thumbs up!!
Matty said…
Yup...I'm right AGAIN!! I said a month ago that your book lends itself to YOU reading it alah Bill Bryson. (No one could give Bill Bryson books the added fun that he does...thier HIS stories) I think that is a major thrust of your whole story. YOU need to read it to give it it's full credibility. I think this is wonderful news! Fascinating in that as I read your book it was in your voice and tone inflection that I have come to know well. Andrea asked me why I was 'reading it that way'. And I had no idea what she meant. When she explained I told her I was reading the way YOU talk and inflect.
This is all wicked cool stuff john! Enjoy it and spend a few minutes REALLY recording it to memory.
Polly said…
So glad you're reading it yourself John, I love your brother reading his books. The author doing it makes all the difference, and if yours are hlaf as good as his they'll be great. Looking forward to that download.
Polly said…
Good morning John, I am not going to be in the city today as planned so I won't be stopping by to say Hi and snag and ARC. Maybe I can treat you to lunch when I'm in the Berkshires this summer. Hope you have a fantabulous day and have great schnoozing with oodles of booksellers.

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