You saw it here first

The galleys for Look Me in the Eye arrived for review today. These are the pages that will bound for the reading copies that will be handed out in just over two weeks at the BEA show.
I'll be looking them over for errors and waiting anxiously for the first reports from readers, in early June.


Kim Stagliano said…
Wow. Do they differ from what I have, John?
Holly Kennedy said…
At this stage, I often circle my office, reading and re-reading, chewing my nails as I second guess whether I 'could have said someting better' or nuked it all together. Lots of angst and nerves, but when you finally make it through and hand it back, you'll feel as though someone's lifted 1000 pounds off your shoulders :) Good luck with it!
appletini said…
That's great! Good luck! Congratulations :)
Yes, Kim, these are different. What you have is double spaced typed pages. This is the same words, but typeset as a book.

So the message is the same, except for the subliminal appearance of Zor, the alien emperor, but it looks more finished and professional.

And Holly, I am circling the pages right now. I've built a little shrine onto which I have placed them. As I circle, facing inward, I pick up a page occasionally, and then jab it back down with my spear-tipped walking stick.

As I circle, I await the arrival of tonight's sacrifice to the word god. It's blood will ensure an error free manuscript that will be irrestible to the reading public.

And Appletini, it is great, provided the sacrifice works. Thank you for your kind words. And if you can spare them, send me a hamster, a live buzzard, and a an unopened can of Billy Beer. With those items, our mutual success will be assured.
Samara Leigh said…
Congrats John. I am so excited about reading the book. My 17-year-old son has Asperger's and is in serious denial about it. Eye contact conversations are weekly affairs around these parts.

I'm glad that your family convinced you to write this book.
Drama Mama said…
MUST you flaunt to the rest of us, Ms. Stagliano, that you've got a copy? While the rest of us have to wait for the happy-face Amazon package in September, you are no doubt reclining on your chaise right now, tucking grapes into your mouth while you chuckle appreciatively or exclaim, "Huh" thoughtfully over Mr. Robison's tome.
John, I think you should raffle a copy to your loyal blog following. We could make red circles for you.
ORION said…
I too have sacrificed the hamster to the God of first pass pages...
I finally had to mail them off.
The words said to me the other day were sweet.
"Lottery is put to bed."
Way to go John!
Susan said…
Can you send them to me when you're done?

(Just Kidding)
mcewen said…
Happy to wait for Amazon because the nightstand is already tottering under the strain of all the recommended books that I just HAVE to read. But I'll get there eventually.
congratulations and best wishes
Trish Ryan said…
I've learned never to plan my life around anything involving a hamster...

But other than that, I think you're in a great, exciting place. Perhaps I'll hope on a train to BEA and wrestle folks for an advanced copy :)
Hi John

Thank you so much for your comments on our blog. As I watch my Aspergian daughter grow up I worry about her future. She is very talented in art and has incredible attention to detail and amazing patience in everything she draws. My concern is that she does not yet have the confidence to believe that she is capable of being successful at it.

When I read about your fears that no one would buy your book once it is published, it made me realize that it will take a lot before she comes to the realization that she is very talented.
I cannot wait to read your book and I am sure there are many other people out there that feel the same.

I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors, but something tells me you will not need it. :-)

Cheers, Monicka
kimstaglianowonders said…
John, does the hamster have to be a virgin??
Matty said…
If it's not a virgin hamster then horrible things could happen. The sun not rising, democrats and republicans sleeping together....I can also agree with all the other sacrifice objects, but don't forget a locke of your hair burnt on the shrine with the other objects, to get the energy from the word god anchored to you. I mean if you forget that it's all for naught.

I have an advanced copy going to the highest bidder. But John needs it back, so you have to read it in 48 hrs. That's aboout all I can stall him for.
John, what a milestone. Please let me know when you come to the Boston area, I know of several bookstores that would love to host you.

Chumplet said…
Oooh, that's what I'm waiting for. I wonder what mine will look like? I suppose you have to mail it back with all your little red pen marks all over it.

Pressure, man...

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