I will be appearing June 7 in New York

I'll be reading a short passage from Look Me in the Eye at the Lifespire Center, as described below:

The first annual Writers on Autism reading will be held at 7 PM on Thursday June 7, 2007 at the Empire State Building in the Lifespire Education and Conference Center. Barbara Fischkin, Michele Iallonardi, Rachel Kaplan, Sheila Kohler, Landon J. Napoleon, John Robison and Kim Stagliano will read from their books, journalism, stories and essays and join in a panel discussion. Books will be on sale and the event – free and open to the public-- will close with author signings.

The Lifespire Education and Conference Center is located on the third floor of the Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, New YorkThe readers and panelists, all of whom have written either about autism or about issues of importance to the autism community, include established authors as well as up-and-coming writers. Three are mothers of children with autism and, as parents, represent a total of seven children on the Autism spectrum. Included among the other writers are two individuals who are on the Autism spectrum, themselves. More writers may be included.Fittingly, this event is hosted by Lifespire, Inc., a beloved 55-year-old, not-for-profit organization that each day serves 5000 developmentally disabled individuals in New York and New Jersey. http://www.lifespire.org/home.htm

Writers on Autism is a community event which aims to further the understanding of autism, a communication disorder that has reached epidemic proportions and according to federal government statistics is now diagnosed in one in every 150 children. The participating authors have been invited to donate a percentage of their profits to the autism organizations of their choices.

Any of you in the New York metro area are welcome to stop by and meet me in person.


Kim Stagliano said…
John, I'm a little nervous about speaking, are you? :) See you there. I'm also speaking at the LifeSpire event. And Michele Pierce Burns, from THE COSBY show just signed on! Barbara Fischkin has done and awesome job of putting this event together.

polly said…
Kim, you don't know me, but I read your blog and know John from some of the writing boards. I am interested in autism because I have a brother who has Asperger's. In fact, I learned that he was Aspergian by recognizing the symptoms as described in a book by John's brother. You'll both do great, and Kim, don't worry about it. Just remember that you have an important topic, and speak from the heart. Between your heart and your sincerity you can't go wrong.
Best of luck and have fun!
Kim Stagliano said…
Polly, I hope your brother is doing well. John's book will be a great read for him. Thanks for the support. KS
irene said…
How exciting for you both! I look forward to moving to the East coast to be closer to events like these. Best wishes! I'm sure you will both be a hit.
Demon Hunter said…
I cannot wait to read your book and meet you! Although it won't be at BEA. I work with the mentally challenged/Autistic populations, plus I was a counselor at Mental Health a few years ago. I thank you for writing your book. My co-workers and I are currently assisting parent's of Asperger patients with their eligibility packets. Best to you! And to you as well, Kim!:*)
MPB said…
I would really like to re-connect with you, Kim, Barbara and organize another "Writers on Autism" reading. That was a fantastic and inspiring evening to me! Our book DANSON The Extraordinary Discovery of An Autistic Child's Innermost Thoughts and Feelings comes out in October (St. Lynn's Press) so maybe we could do something in early fall? Please contact me at MiPierce@verizon.net. Blessings,Michele Pierce Burns

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