Something different

Last night, I went to Williamstown to photograph the Berkshire Symphony, with Ron Feldman conducting.

There are a number of books I’d like to write, now that the first one’s done. My second book is going to discuss Aspergian behaviors in more depth than Look Me in the Eye. After that, I’d like to do a book on Asperger’s, photography, and the creative process.

To make that book possible, I’ve been collecting images of performers. Here are some photos of the Symphony musicians. It’s something different; I hope you like them


Drama Mama said…
Beautiful photos, John. I'd LOVE to read a book on Aspergian behaviors/creative process. There is a great book called "Actors Acting" that is a series of photographs depicting Actors improvising. Truly wonderful. Check it out when you can.
(My daughter, who has ASD, loves the photos and prefers to make up her OWN stories to the faces, rather than go by the suggested prompt. Now THAT's creativity!)
Thank you for sharing the photos.
When I read to my son - when he was little, before he got bigger and turned on me - I often made up captions for the photos we saw.

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